Thursday, May 28, 2009

Banjar Fair

The Banjar Fair is the biggest fair of Banjar Valley and is held on the 2nd of Jyestha (Hindu month, which falls between second half of May and first half of June) every year and it is dedicated to the Shringa Rishi , patron deity of the Banjar Valley. A day before the festival begins, the idol of Shringa Rishi is carried in a palanquin to his original abode and moved back to Banjar the next day. Earlier this fair was also famous for the trading of minor forest produce

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Eco-Tourism in Himachal

Eco Tourism Site of Forest Development Corporation
(Near Jalori Pass)

Recently I visited Sojha , Jalori pass, Saryulsar lake and Khanag areas of Kullu district . These are one of the most beautiful spots with scenic beauty scattered all around. These places have potential for good Eco- Tourism sites.


This place is about 70 kms from Kullu in the tranquilty of Himalayas. Here Forest Rest House is surrounded by beautiful Deodar forests and Forest Department is developing this site for Eco - Tourism.

View from Sojha

Jalori Pass ( Altitude 10,000 ft.)

View from Jalori Pass

Saryulsar Lake

It is situated around 7 km from Jalori pass at an altitude of 11000 ft . It is a religious place and water of lake is very clean and there was not even a single leaf . There is an interesting story about it that if any leaf falls in lake it is immediately picked by the birds around. So the lake water is always clean and transparent.

Budhi Nagin Temple near Saryulser Lake

Lambri Pass - View from Saryulser Lake

Khanag P.W.D. Rest House