Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the habitable world - Tirthan Valley of Kullu

In old scriptures and Hindu Mythological literature Kulantpitha ( the end of the habitable world) is the name of Kullu which is known for its scenic beauty and distinct traditions and customs. Yesterday I visited Tirthan valley area of Kullu district. From Kullu the distance of Gushaini village which is situated on roadhead , is around 60 kms which is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forest . One can see here unexplored beauty of Himalayas and experience the real wilderness .Inside the Great Himalayan National park which is around 8 km from Gushaini village it really appears that it is the end of the habitable world

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Queen of Hills - Shimla

Happy Christmas !

Shimla has been the favourite hill station of tourists since a long time. It is over crowded with tourists during Christmas and New Year time. The pictures shown below capture the beauty of Shimla. The church building is the land mark of Shimla, situated at Ridge . This is one of the oldest Churches of Northern India. The moving clouds can also be seen on famous Mall where tourists take stroll till late night.

The famous Ridge

Church - The landmark of Shimla

The Mall

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great Himalayan National Park

Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh the Great Himalayan National Park is one of the most picturesque area in the Western Himalayas , which is well known for its exquisite floral & faunal biodiversity and exceptional Natural Beauty. Because of its complex geography and its great variations in altitude, the limited area of the Great Himalayan National Park encompasses an enormous range of floral and faunal species, which span the subtropical to the alpine zone species .Only few areas in the world present such a variety of wildlife habitat and biological diversity in such a small area.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beautiful Birds of Himalayas - III

Indian Eagle Owl - Bubo

This is Indian Eagel Owl - Bubo. It was rescued by wildlife officials and now is kept in Manali Rescue Centre (Nature Park). The facial disc is fulvous - brown to buffy with a prominent blackish rim. Eyes are orange yellow to orange red. Lower parts are fulvous becoming whitish near the centre. Size of adult is more than 50 cms and weight is around 1 kg.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Birds of Himalayas -II

Western Tragopan

With less than 5000 individuals in the world , the Western tragopan is considered the rarest pheasant in the world . It is found in the western portions of himayayas ( Jammu & Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and wesrern portion of Uttrakhand in India and northern porion of Pakistan . Recently this species has been announced the State bird of Himachal Pradesh .

Male Western Tragopan is large bright coloured with golden breast . Body heavily spotted , black crown , bright red hind neck and cheeks with green throat . Female is greyish brown , spotted white .

Western Tragopan ( Jujurana)

Kalij Pheasant

Male is large blackish with white crest and brown scaling on upper parts , silvery on rump , heavily feathered whitish flanks , red face , long and thick black tail. Female is brown with buff scaling . it is commenly found in western himalayas between 300 m and 3000 m .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beautiful Birds of Himalayas - I

Himalayan Monal

One of the most beautiful birds of Himalayas . Male is iridescent green , copper and purple with white patch on back and cinnamon – brown tail and a prominent crest . Female has white throat , short crest , boldly streaked underparts , white crescent on upper tail coverts, and narrow white tip to tail. Himalayan Monals are found in alpine and subalpine regions of Himalayas during summer ( 3200 m – 4500 m) and descends to lower altitudes in winter ( approximately 2500 m) .

Himalayan Monal ( Male )

Cheer Pheasant

Male Cheer Pheasant is black barred , grey above and on breast .Long back swept brown crest and red face. Female is also same but browner and short tailed . Cheer Pheasant is mainly found on steep south facing grassy slope with Chir pine trees or scrub vegetation .Altitudinal distribution range is 1600 m to 2500 m.

Cheer pheasant

Monday, December 15, 2008

Interiors of Shimla district

Shimla is a very famous hill station but interior part of Shimla which is usually not visited by the tourists are very beautiful . Chopal is a small place situated about 100 kms from Shimla. It is surrounded by Deodar forest with lot of scenic beauty scattered around it.

Dhar Channa area of Shimla district ( Altitude - 2400 meter)

After 3 hours arduous trek I reached Dhar Channa area of Chopal Tehsil I found it very beautiful. This area is not connected by road and from the economic point of view area may be considered backward but its natural beauty is very rich.