Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shakti Maror trek of GHNP

View of Raktiser area from Gugnadhar

Shakti and Maror are the remotest villages of Kullu District . Shakti is around 17 km and Maror about 24 km from road head . Due to their isolation a distinct culture has been developed in the area . Devta ( Local deity ) is very powerful and govern almost all the aspects of local people's life.

Entire 17 km trek from Niharni to Shakti passes through dense forest along the Sainj river ( Great Himalayan National Park and Sainj Wildlife Sanctuary )

Area is also heaven for bird watchers , we recorded more than 40 bird species along the trek .

Water fall near Shakti village

view from Shakti trekking Hut

Temple at Shakti village

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dhale peak in Rainbow ....

Different kinds of Rainbow - During my recent tour of Sainj valley, I met with an old lady of about 100 years old . But she was full of life with any physical inability. She was like a lively rainbow full of colors . It reminds me that a true rainbow is not in the sky , it is in your heart , share it with others and it will burst with vivid colours in the sky.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shangarh area of Sainj Valley .....

Recently I visited Shangarh village of Sainj Valley . At present this place is not connected with proper road ( there is one forest road but it is very risky ) and after trekking 7-8 km when one reaches at Shangarh a spectacular view of nature awaits him .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Old temples of Kullu Valley ......

Basesara Mahadeva Temple , Bajaura

Baserara Mahadev temple which is dedicated to God Shiva is one of the most ancient temple of Kullu valley . It was built in ninth century AD . Due to its beautiful stone carvings and architecture it has been declared as protected monument of national importance.

Besesara Mahadev temple , Bajaura

Gauri Shankar Temple Naggar

This beautiful temple dedicated to God Shiva was built during eleventh century AD .

Krishna Temple Near Naggar

This beautiful temple is situated near Naggar and probably only Krishna temple in Kullu Valley . History of this temple is unknown however priest of this temple informed that temple was initially built by Pandavas and afterward Kullu king renovated this temple in seventeen century AD .