Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Himalayan National Park

Last one month was very busy and I was too tired to update my blog as often as I want to. However during this period I visited so many areas of Great Himalayan National Park and other areas of Kullu and Mandi district . Last month I along with field staff of National Park trekked Tirthan area ( origin of Tirthan river ) of Great Himalayan National Park . It was 5 day trek and we travelled around 125 km in the interior areas of park . It was nice experience as terrain was difficult but it was very beautiful and full of surprises . We also spotted few wild animals including Western Tragopan but I could not take their photos
However I captured various shades of nature in my camera .

Gusaini Temple

Temporary bridge Near Rolla

view from Nada thach ( Altitude 3200 mt )

View from Majhoni ( 2nd day camping place , altitude 3500 mt )

Bhimdwara ( near tirthan )

Origin of tirthan river