Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful Birds of Himalayas -II

Western Tragopan

With less than 5000 individuals in the world , the Western tragopan is considered the rarest pheasant in the world . It is found in the western portions of himayayas ( Jammu & Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh and wesrern portion of Uttrakhand in India and northern porion of Pakistan . Recently this species has been announced the State bird of Himachal Pradesh .

Male Western Tragopan is large bright coloured with golden breast . Body heavily spotted , black crown , bright red hind neck and cheeks with green throat . Female is greyish brown , spotted white .

Western Tragopan ( Jujurana)

Kalij Pheasant

Male is large blackish with white crest and brown scaling on upper parts , silvery on rump , heavily feathered whitish flanks , red face , long and thick black tail. Female is brown with buff scaling . it is commenly found in western himalayas between 300 m and 3000 m .


Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures and great story.In an around Mussoorie people create a "Phans" and roastthe pheasants no wonder they are on verge of extinction.

THOMAS said...

pheasant birds is wonderful!