Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jiwa Valley of Kullu

Kandi Galu area of Great Himalayan National Park

Yesterday I visited the Jiwa valley of inner seraj area of Kullu . From the roadhead Majhan village is around 4 km and tract is covered by broad leaved forest and entire area was very calm and quiet. It appeared that nature was in hibernation mode .Trees had shed their leaves and they were sleeping, there was no bird sound to disturb them . When I reached Majhan village no body was there and it gave me a feeling that I was in early 20th centuary of the Himalayas . However above Majhan village Taxus forest was again lively with call of Monal and other birds . Earlier I had never seen pure Taxus forest ( taxus is a threatened species and its leave and bark are used for preparation of cancer drugs ) . Opposite to this area Kandi Galu area of Great Himalayan National Park was looking marvelous . After around 4 hour trekking I found another sleepy village Kunder which is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forest .

Majhan village

Beautiful Taxus forest

Kunder village

Shalinga Nag temple of Kunder village


Grumpy said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the sense of the world being asleep.

Sanjeeva Pandey said...

Dear Ajay,
A very nice effort indeed. Your regular visits to the Park will certainly result into the effective Park management. Keep it up. Sanjeeva.

jacker said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
I am a documentary filmmaker. If you have any unique and interesting story and culture of a village. Please send me a mail on

Aarti Shrivastava