Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wildlife of Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh provides spectacular and magnificent diversity of wildlife and it is an integral part of Himachal's culture and landscape .Varying altitudinal forests of Himachal harbour several rare and threatened faunal and floral species . Prominent species found in Himachal are Snow leopard , Brown bear , Black bear , Himalayan ibex , Himalayan tahr , Serow , Musk deer , Western tragopan , Monal , Cheer pheasant etc .

Bio- geographically Himachal Pradesh can be divided into three distinct regions , the trans himalayas , the greater himalayas (high and middle mountains ) and the semi arid zone . Thses all four zones support very rich wildlife .

Avifauna - About 383 birds species are found . Of these 324 are terrestrial habitat birds and remaining 59 are wetland habitat birds

Mammals- About 74 species of mammals are found in Himachal Pradesh

In addition to above Himachal forests and rivers are home of numerous insect , reptiles and fish species .

In Himachal Pradesh there are nuber of Protected areas ( 2 National parks and 32 wild life sanctuaries ) and these areas are the keystone for biodiversity conservation .

Wildlife in Great Himalayan National Park


Meenu khare said...

Beutiful photographs.

Sunita said...

Good work. Is that a herd of some hoofed animals running along the dry rivulet? Sunita

jeetu said...

Dear All,

this one of the best photograph of himachal pradesh

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theOKtravel said...

All set for Bird Watching at Pong Dam now :-)

Great pictures!

Himachal Tourism said...

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