Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Himalayan National Park

Last one month was very busy and I was too tired to update my blog as often as I want to. However during this period I visited so many areas of Great Himalayan National Park and other areas of Kullu and Mandi district . Last month I along with field staff of National Park trekked Tirthan area ( origin of Tirthan river ) of Great Himalayan National Park . It was 5 day trek and we travelled around 125 km in the interior areas of park . It was nice experience as terrain was difficult but it was very beautiful and full of surprises . We also spotted few wild animals including Western Tragopan but I could not take their photos
However I captured various shades of nature in my camera .

Gusaini Temple

Temporary bridge Near Rolla

view from Nada thach ( Altitude 3200 mt )

View from Majhoni ( 2nd day camping place , altitude 3500 mt )

Bhimdwara ( near tirthan )

Origin of tirthan river


Meenu khare said...

कभी कभी आपसे इर्ष्या होती है की
इश्वर ने आपको इतने सुंदर दृश्य देखने के मौके दिए हैं .
बहुत बधाई इन सुंदर फोटो के लिये.

कभी इधर भी आयें तो अच्छा लगेगा ...
"मीनू खरे का ब्लॉग"

Meenu khare said...

Prakher's blog is also nice.

Meenu khare said...

Beutiful pencil sketches at Shikher's blog. May God bless him.

Himalayan Trail Trekker said...

Ajay, you have a fantastic job that takes you around this beautiful country! Envy you. But enjoy!

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