Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My recent trekking in GHNP

First Day
We started trekking from Gushani and my first halt was at Rola . .When we arrived Rolla , all of us were very tired and hungry too after walking whole day (around 12 km) . The helpers in our team made the surrounding comfortable by making fire and serving us hot food. Though it was simple but we found it very delicious… After discussing the details of next day programme we all entered our tents and slept in our cozy Sleeping bags. We could hear the howling sound of Tirthan River which often made us difficult to sleep….But we were very tired…so don’t know when all of us…closed our eyes and went into deep sleep…Though It was a very cold and chilled night .

Second Day
The morning was also very cold …after taking our quick breakfast we moved to our new destination …It was shilt. After trekking for 6 hrs we reached Shilt at 4 PM but there was no water so we moved further and reached Chhordwar. It was also very cold ( Altitude was more than 10000 ft) There we spent whole night in open sky as there was no shed. and tents were limited and all of us could not be accommodated. That night was very cold and I could not sleep and spent whole night gazing the sky , which looked darker and stars seemed brighter . In the moonlight, Asurbagh area of the GHNP was looking magnificent .

View of Asurbagh area from Chhordwara

View of tirthan sanctuary from Shilt

Third Day

We started our journey at 8 AM and went upto Rakhundi top area and during our trekking we recorded many direct and indirect evidences of wild animals . our plan was to visit the Guntao but due to paucity of time we could not visit that area and returned back to Chhordwara camp . Around 4 PM sky was very cloudy giving us alarm of snow…so we started our return journey to Rolla camp immediately and reached Rolla at around 7 PM .

Rock engraving near Chhordwara

Near Rakhundi

Fourth Day
Around 7 AM in the morning when we were planning to visit/trek Vasu forest suddenly snow flakes starting touching our head and faces and we took pace to reach the gate of GHNP before the poor weather could make our trekking/returning difficult..


Ravinder Makhaik said...

A winter trek into GHNP must have been awesome going by the pics that you have posted out here

Arti said...

Awesome pics!!
Juz watching them makes me want to be there...


Sapna said...


Awesome Pictures!!! Nature's bounty in its full form. Just love them.

Trekking into GHNP in the snow must be a real adventure. After seeing all those majestic mountains in full glory, i also wish i could be there. It will be worth every trouble that i face to reach there.

Merely watching the photos of the mountains refreshed me. Thank You for this.

Anonymous said...

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Meenu Khare said...

Xllant pics. congrats for this trip.
Did Jyoti also follow you?

Ankit said...

What a time you chose for the GHNP Sir. As they say when the going gets tough the tough get going! Winters is a great time and i remember a winter trek to Dhela with Sanjeeva Pandey which was just amazing.

Anyways congrats for this amazing feat.

Inder Singh said...


I am from Mandi Himachal Pradesh and i enjoyed this visit to your profile. I like places such as kullu -mandi-shimla and always keep them in my blogs. I have been working on sites for these areas and will plan for more sites for these vally...

I hope to meet you sometime at your park :-)

-Inder Singh
Sr Web Developer

Distt Mandi
H.P India

jitenderverma said...

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to have glimpses into some of the untouched areas of Himachal. Would love to travel to these places.
Really Beautiful !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Sir for helping me out with the GHNP visit, I am grateful. I wish we have more percentage of people like you in this country.

I wanted to visit Prashar Lake but the PWD AXN looking after the guest house conveyed that I am too COMMON a man to book a room there, they are meant for VIPs first :| HP Tourism people says that they can't do anything as its a different department.

Sorry state of India and its bureaucracy, doesn't matter if its Bihar or Himachal.

Jai Hind !

Mohit Guleria
(irony is I am a Himachali)