Monday, May 9, 2011

Old temples of Kullu Valley ......

Basesara Mahadeva Temple , Bajaura

Baserara Mahadev temple which is dedicated to God Shiva is one of the most ancient temple of Kullu valley . It was built in ninth century AD . Due to its beautiful stone carvings and architecture it has been declared as protected monument of national importance.

Besesara Mahadev temple , Bajaura

Gauri Shankar Temple Naggar

This beautiful temple dedicated to God Shiva was built during eleventh century AD .

Krishna Temple Near Naggar

This beautiful temple is situated near Naggar and probably only Krishna temple in Kullu Valley . History of this temple is unknown however priest of this temple informed that temple was initially built by Pandavas and afterward Kullu king renovated this temple in seventeen century AD .


Marco Carnovale said...

Thanks for the post, I was there and could not find much information...

Miss Nomad said...

Very informative with nice pictures.